Employee Working Time Control App: Find My Shift

A useful app for managers is FindMyShift. With this app, managers can track employees’ working hours. Through this, the schedule of automatic notification can also be fixed. 

Especially if the employees arrive late or leave early, this app has a facility to send instant notifications to the managers. Also many more things can be done with this app. 

Employees can receive notifications via their e-mail, text message or phone push notification system. Moreover, this app has a special section for the use of employees. In this section employees can request to swap shifts or skip shifts among themselves.

The Find My Shift app is available on both Android and iOS platforms for everyone to use. Employees can control many things through the app like tracking their shifts, tracking working hours, tracking arrival and departure time. 

All in all, Find My Shift is an excellent software for those who want to organize time management. This app has different packages for different types of users.

Scheduling and management of employees can be done easily with this cloud based software. It makes it easy to communicate with employees, from keeping track of their attendance to managing working hours and payroll without any hassles.

Find My Shift is one of the best time management apps to help small businesses. One of its major advantages is that this app makes it easy to organize employees and communicate with everyone. The features of the app are designed in such a way that a business can be run smoothly keeping in mind the benefits of everyone.

Key Features/Advantages Of Find My Shift

Key features of Find My Shift are designed with all types of workers in mind. Scheduling, management and tracking of up to 300 employees is possible with this app. Some of its key features are:

  • Scheduling staff work 
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Online punch card
  • Payroll or salary management
  • Time off management 
  • Shift reminder
  • Time clocking
  • Employee profiles
  • Templates
  • Employee database
  • Recruitment management
  • Fetching / sending data and others

With the help of these features, any organization can track their employees, schedule shifts, calculate working hours or calculate working hours for payroll and much more.  This app has different types of plans or packages, which have different benefits.  However, not all packages include all types of benefits.

Pricing Plan

Fees for Find My Shift are payable monthly.  You can take any package of this app depending on your team or team size.  There are no additional costs or hidden charges.  There are mainly 4 types of packages in this app.  Each package has additional features as per the price.  The packages are:

• Free—There is no cost to use this package.  A team of 5 including 1 manager can use this package.  It features one week of data storage, one week of forward planning, 3 weeks of on-screen editor.

• Starter—This package is $25 per month per team and can be used by 20 team members and 1 manager.  It features one year of activity data storage, three months of forward planning and 6 weeks of on-screen editor.

• Business—This package costs $40 per team per month, which can be used by 100 employees and 100 managers.  It has 5 years of activity data storage, one year advance planning facility and 20 week on screen editor facility.

• Enterprise—Priced at $70 per month per team, this package can be used by 300 team members, 300 managers.  It includes 10 years of activity data storage, 3 years in advance planning facility and 52 weeks on screen editor facility.

Comparison With Similar Apps

There are many apps in the market as alternatives to Find My Shift. These include “When I Work”, “Deputy” etc. However, the price of using these apps is fixed differently. For example, the pricing of the “Deputy” app is fixed based on how many people will use it. Again, the price of the “When I Work” app is determined based on the features being used. Most of the online reviews of these 3 apps are good except for two negative reviews.

Some other such apps are Homebase, Actitime, On the Clock, Time Clock Wizard, Clockify and Gibble.

Integration Of Find My Shift With Other Programs

Find My Shift can be used to coordinate or integrate with many other platforms to help users and make business easier.  Users can view their data from these applications.  Here users can view their payroll and run operations more efficiently.  The software that Find My Shift can integrate with are:

• Slack

• Google Assistant

• Square

• Amazon Alexa

• Bamboo HR

• Google and others

Find My Shift’s integration with these third-party platforms opens up many possibilities for users.  Just as users can schedule and schedule work with Slack, employees can use Alexa or Google Assistant to find out when their next shift is.  It also allows HR to do better and track when employees are working.  The whole thing helps in determining the correct salary.

Customer Service

Find My Shift has great customer service. Its official website has a getting started guide that will help you understand how to use this app easily. This guideline is short but comprehensive. With this help every step is known accurately. In addition, their website has video guides, information resources and webinars. There is also a list of keyboard shortcuts, various tips and tricks, which you will find very useful.

All in all, the Netherlands based Find My Shift app is an excellent solution for employee scheduling. Its features are well balanced. It has accurate planning tools, instant reporting facility, payroll facility and much more.  

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