Some Popular Cycling Apps

Many people want to keep a comprehensive record of cycling. Speed, distance, calories burned, etc. Many people also want to observe how efficient they are becoming in cycling. Or many people want to cycle on the right road at the right time according to the road conditions. There are many apps to see all this in one place. But how do you know which one is best for you? 

Let us know some of the best apps for cyclists among the various apps in the market:


A good GPS cycling app is Strava. Users of this app all have separate Strava profiles online. And the information from the app is uploaded to their profile.

Strava is also a social platform for sharing various fitness related topics. Here you can upload cycling photos and video clips. You can also follow friends and congratulate them on their achievements.

This free app keeps track of various factors during your cycling. This app even keeps track of your cycling route along with keeping track of your speed, time and distance while cycling. How many calories have been burned after cycling and how high you have run, these things can also be calculated with this app.

You can also subscribe to the Strava app to better track your progress. Through this option you will get information about cycling to keep the body healthy, fresh and tired. It also lets you see some interesting statistics about your own cycling. Basically, Strava helps you measure how hard you’re working.

Platforms on which Strava is available: iOS and Android 

Price: Free to use (or £47.99 or $58.15 per year)


The Komut app can be used on a large desktop screen. Around 10 million people around the world use this app. It has special ‘user feed system’. Cyclists can also plan their future rides with Komut. 

This app helps cyclists to choose the right road. Especially when one rides in hilly areas. 

This app will tell you how much physical capacity you need to cycle on a particular road. Riding on such a road with the help of the app requires you to decide two things, one, the riding style and two, the starting and ending point. Komut app does the rest.

Platforms Available: iOS and Android

Price: Free to use (or £4.99 or $6.04 per month, or £59.99 or $72.67 per year)


Although not very popular, one of the most popular platforms for athletes is called ‘Training Peaks’. With the help of this app, the performance of athletes can be kept track of. With the help of this app, an athlete’s coach can remember who did what. 

You can use this app even if you are a trainer. With its help you can buy special training plans and find trainers.

By using the Training Peaks app you can get many benefits. With its help you can easily schedule your training. Know what the instructor is commenting on. You can even add new comments yourself.

You can upload various information on this app for free on various topics related to bodybuilding and daily activities. And if you want to analyze these data more deeply or plan future work, you need to use the ‘Premium version’.

Platforms Available: iOS and Android

Price: Free to use (or £16.50 or $19.95 per month)


Cyclemeter is a great app to help with fitness. It can collect a lot of data using the GPS function of Apple devices. 

This information will help you become more efficient at cycling. The app will keep track of your speed, time and distance. Also make your daily to-do list so you can stick to it. This is how Cyclemeter becomes your training companion as a virtual platform.

The app communicates performance information via audio so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road and look at the screen to know your performance while cycling. You can also upload the data recorded here to Strava or any other website.

You can use many more features of the app if you take the subscription called ‘Elite Plan’. Moreover, the app has the facility of notifying users in advance about weather information, maps, traffic and many other issues.

Platforms Available: iOS and Android

Price: Free to use (or £9.49 or $11.53 per year for the Elite plan)

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