What You Can Do For Laptop Overheating Problem

Laptop overheating is a common problem. Most of the laptop users face this troublesome experience. 

Compared to a desktop, a laptop is a compact device. There are many components in a small space inside, so there is no empty space. 

So when doing tasks that require a lot of computing power, the temperature of the laptop can rise a lot. Like playing high quality video games or streaming TV shows. 

The laptop does have a fan inside, to keep the components cool. But if the temperature rises too much, the fan can’t handle it, it can cause various damage to the laptop.

Older laptops often overheat quickly due to hardware issues. In these cases, the user does not have to do anything himself. 

A common reason for laptops overheating is lack of air circulation inside the machine. So laptop overheating does not mean that there is a serious problem.

There are several ways to keep a laptop cool. How to save the laptop from overheating or overheating, today’s article has 6 ways.

1.  Check The Laptop Fan And Keep It Clean

Whenever the laptop seems to be overheating, feel the laptop’s hot air vents (fan vents) with your hand to make sure. If you see hot air coming out of it, then you know that the fan is working properly. And if it is seen that very little air is coming out or no air is coming out, then you know that the dust has accumulated in the place of the fan and the road is blocked, or the fan is damaged. 

At that time you can open the machine and clean the dust. You can use air pressure through blower machine for this work. And if the fan breaks, a new fan should be bought and installed.

If you don’t feel confident opening the laptop yourself, definitely have a skilled technician do it.

2.  Elevate The Laptop

Even if there is ventilation under the laptop, it can overheat. Place a small book-sized object under the laptop to raise it up a bit. 

Another good option is laptop cooling pads available these days. That will keep the air circulation normal inside the laptop. There are different types of cooling fans in the market, you can buy any one you like.

3.  Can Use Lap Desk

Another way to keep your laptop ventilated is by using a lap desk, or desk that can be placed on your lap. 

Underneath the desk are small rubber feet that keep the laptop slightly elevated.  This does not block the flow of air down.  Many work on laptops directly on their laps, which is unhealthy. 

Air circulation is obstructed, the laptop also heats up quickly.  Rather than using a lap desk, it keeps the airflow constant and keeps the laptop cool.

4.  Keeping The Fan Speed Under Control

If the air flow inside the laptop is normal, the fan will not run at high speed. If the fan is running at high speed, it means that your CPU is working too much. Due to which the laptop is getting hot.

If you are a Windows user, you can install a program called “SpeedFan”. With which you can control the fan speed.

5.  Avoid Heavy Work On Laptop

Heavy tasks (tasks that require more CPU power) can cause the laptop to overheat. For example: Running a browser with video flash requires a lot of CPU work. So the CPU heats up and the fan speed increases. 

For this, you can use a program called FlashBlock in the browser, so that Flash videos do not run without your permission.

6.  Keep The Laptop Away From Hot Places

Many times we keep laptops in places where heat source like direct sun shines. This causes the laptop to overheat. It can also cause serious damage to hard drives and batteries. 

For this, use the laptop in the shade. Especially when the temperature is high. And if the laptop heats up and shuts down or slows down, get it repaired by an experienced technician as soon as possible. 

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