Which Country Has The Highest Internet Speed?

Iceland has the fastest internet speed in the world. It is followed by Liechtenstein, Andorra, Taiwan and Luxembourg. The US is at number 8 and the UK is at number 27. And the world’s slowest internet is in Turkmenistan.

An internet comparison site named ‘Cable’ made this ranking after testing internet speed more than 1.1 billion times in 220 countries.

They have been measuring internet speed for the past 4 years. The rankings presented here are as of June 30, 2022. It uses the previous 12 months of data.

The lives of millions of people around the world depend on the Internet. If you are one of them, then surely internet speed is very important for you. 

10 Countries With The Fastest Internet

Iceland has the fastest broadband in the world.  The average internet speed in this country is 216.56 Mbps.  Here is the list of 10 countries with fastest internet:

1.  Iceland

2.  Liechtenstein

3.  Andorra

4.  Taiwan

5.  Luxembourg

6.  Japan

7.  France

8.  America

9.  Singapore

10.  spain

Average Unternet Speed

  • Global broadband internet speed averages 32.13 Mbps (megabits per second).
  • 31 of the 50 countries with the fastest internet speeds are located in Europe. And of the remaining 19 countries, 7 are located in Asia, 5 in North America, 3 in South America, two in Oceania, one in Africa and one in the Middle East.

Internet Is Slowly Getting Faster, But…

The average internet speed worldwide is increasing by about 15%. Which is about 34.79 Mbps. 

However, it is worth noting that the developed countries of the world have contributed the most to this increase in Internet speed. These countries have adequate infrastructure to increase internet speed. As a result, advanced technologies can be introduced easily in these countries. 

Compared to countries at the top of the internet speed rankings, countries in the middle of the rankings have very poor standards.

Generally speaking, countries with the fastest internet speeds tend to be smaller and more developed. The larger and less developed a nation is, the slower the internet speed.

And if the size of a country is small, then it is much easier to introduce FTTP fiber broadband and 5G internet there.

By Region

Surprisingly, most of the countries with high-speed internet are located in Europe.

The fastest internet countries in Asia are Taiwan (ranked 4th globally), Japan (ranked 6th globally), Singapore (ranked 9th) and Hong Kong (ranked 15th globally). place).  And it is followed by South Korea (23rd in the world ranking).

The United States ranks first in the Americas and eighth in the world. Its internet speed averages 118.01 Mbps.

Canada is next in the list of fastest internet in the Americas (Canada is number 14 in the world ranking). It is followed by Chile (ranked 21 in the world), Uruguay (ranked 33 in the world). Cuba is at the bottom of the Americas.  The country is number 178 in the world ranking.

30 of the 50 countries ranked for the slowest internet are in Africa. Rwanda has the fastest internet connection on the African continent (ranked 38th in the world). It is followed by South Africa (ranked 68th in the world). It is followed by Madagascar (ranked 87 in the world), followed by Nigeria (ranked 97 in the world).

Israel has the fastest internet in the Middle East (ranked 55th in the world). It is followed by the United Arab Emirates (ranked 59th worldwide) and Cyprus (ranked 61st). And the countries with the slowest internet are Yemen (197th in the world ranking), Syria (187th in the world ranking) and the Palestinian Territories (164th in the world ranking).

10 Countries With The Slowest Internet

The world’s slowest broadband country, Turkmenistan has an average internet speed of just 0.77 Mbps. It takes more than 14 hours to download a 5GB movie here.

Here is the list of 10 countries with slowest internet in the world:

1.  Turkmenistan

2.  Timor-Leste

3.  Yemen

4.  Guinea Bissau

5.  Afghanistan

6.  Equatorial Guinea

7.  Somalia

8.  Ethiopia

9.  Eritrea

10.  Tajikistan

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