Will AI Influencers Replace Content Creators?

This idea raises the question in many minds: If social media platforms start using AI to create better quality content, what is the future for current content creators? 

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AI is getting better and better, and this question is on the minds of everyone in the influencer marketing industry.

Because we are not far from the day when videos can be created by typing prompts on social media platforms. Virtual people will speak in these videos, saying whatever they are told to say. 

The question is, if in the future all major social media platforms start using AI so advanced that they can create the best content, then what does the future hold for today’s content creators?

As AI continues to advance, this future question is on the minds of everyone involved in the influencer marketing industry. But before we can understand what the future holds, we need to understand why content creators are in such demand today.

  • The first reason is that they can create the best content. In March this year (2024), popular YouTuber Mr. Beast announced that it’s time for people to move away from short, fast-cut and fragmented content.  Mr. Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is an American content creator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is best known for his YouTube channel “MrBeast”, where he mainly uploads videos of big-budget stunts, challenges, and charity events. Although Beast himself became famous for this type of video content, he feels it’s time to focus on longer and more meaningful videos based on stories.  According to him, when everyone’s content becomes the same, creators should do something new, which is different from the rest. At one time there was the novelty of small-scale video, through which Mr. Beast became famous. But now there is nothing new in it.
  • Everyone has a story to tell. Most creators were able to build their fan base because people got to know about their lives. Because of this, we now see more behind-the-scenes content, personal experiences, and livestream videos.  The more viewers can immerse themselves in a content creator’s personal life, the more they become a part of that creator’s story and success. It is precisely for this reason that gwrm (Get Ready With Me) content on TikTok became such a popular form.
  • Content creators give people trusted advice. People trust creators. Many people do, even if they don’t admit it. Pew Research found that 3 out of 10 adults who use social media have purchased a product at some point after seeing a post from an influencer or content creator. This proves the trust that creators can build with their audience. And for this reason, the influencer marketing market in the world in 2023 was 21.1 billion dollars (source. Statista).

So we need to think about these things when talking about AI content creators. Because it’s very difficult for AI-powered virtual influencers to come close to human content creators. 

Typically AI analyzes audience data to suggest which style or form is performing well. Nothing like this will be seen in the future. Here are his ideas:

  1. People will use AI prompts to create content about their favorite topics or areas of work.
  2. AI will make recommendations for content based on what style and theme is trending.
  3. Everyone who uses this content creation tool will have the same workflow. As a result, they cannot be distinguished and the expected results cannot be obtained from these contents.
  4. Some creators will create a new style of content that will do better than everyone else.
  5. But that style will also be understood by AI. Then the AI ​​will give new recommendations accordingly.
  6. This cycle will not end, it will continue.   So what do we understand? Content creators can do different things than the AI ​​prompts suggest, but ultimately its position will be the best.

This industry will be no exception to what is happening in other industries. Even if human jobs don’t go to AI, the skills needed to do the job will change. 

“Prompt Engineer” is a fairly familiar term now. “Prompt Engineers” are professionals who are skilled in writing AI prompts. 

We found that coding became much easier by gesturing with verbal language. Similarly, the prompt engineer’s job is more based on instructions in human language than coding. Here instruction is more important than technical knowledge.

The same thing is going to happen for creators. We may find a new type of professional called the “prompt creator”. 

No matter how simple this technology is, creators who can use the right prompts in a creative way to get the right and desired results from AI will succeed.

Nowadays there are virtual influencers too. As you might say, these virtual influencers are also very talented, so they are creating content that people are talking about. 

In fact, due to the modern technology that is coming now, the work of virtual influencer has become much easier. The truth is, only a few of them will survive well.  

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