‘Can Go’ Smart Wand: That keeps the user safe, active and connected (Product Review)

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Can-Do Companion: The “Can Go” Smart Wand – Stay Safe, Active, & Connected (Review)

We have trouble walking when our feet are injured or injured in some other way. A similar problem occurs in older people. To deal with this problem, people have been using sticks or sticks since ancient times.

However, if useful technology is added to the handrail, the task of walking becomes much easier. California-based company ‘Can Mobilities’ has brought such a device to the market. Their product name is ‘CAN Go’. With all the excellent features, this cane can be called ‘smart cane’ or smart cane.

There are numerous facilities like making phone calls or ordering the necessary products in this handy. But recently, on September 7 (2023), Can Mobilities announced the introduction of AI features in this handcart. With this new data-based feature, people with mobility issues can take AI help.

This state-of-the-art technology powered by artificial intelligence is designed to ensure complete safety and freedom of movement for users. If the user falls, the wristband can detect it immediately and send a message to the person’s relatives or caregivers in danger.

According to Dr. Nick Athens, a health and wellness expert in the United States, Can Go’s new feature, powered by artificial intelligence, can detect a user’s fall and contact those close to the person in danger. With the use of these new technology crutches, it is possible to improve the quality of life of people with mobility problems to a great extent.

If the user of this modern crutch becomes unable to move himself, the automated system in the cane can send signals for help.

People who use crutches are always at risk of falling. However, crutches are used as an assistive device to prevent falls.

The ‘Can Go’ wand has a special feature called ‘Fall Detection AI’ to detect when the user falls. Machine learning algorithms can better understand and analyze user fall patterns in real time. It creates an additional security system at hand for the user.

If there is any danger to the user, this smart wand sends a warning message to the nearby ones immediately. This enables timely action and preventative measures through data-based analytics.

The robust handrail with great design adds a new dimension to the concept of 21st century mobility technology. Due to its seamless connectivity with the CAN Cloud Platform, CAN GO is able to provide innovative services to its users and their family members.

The user’s family members can rest assured with the provision of instant notifications. Apart from this, the latest technology is also possible to use as the tools are regularly updated.

Ahmad Alghazi, the founder and CEO of Can Mobilities, said that from the time Can Go was designed, keeping updates through the Internet was kept in mind. According to him, Can Mobilities strives to harness cutting-edge AI and health science research for users.

According to Ahmad Alghazi, the Can Go Smart Cain will become smarter over time and will incorporate new concepts of artificial intelligence.

This smart wristband has many more features for safety, so that users can go about their daily life with confidence.

The cellular phone in it allows for quick communication in case of emergency. There are also advanced speakers, microphones and reliable LTE technology for easy communication.

With the GPS location in it, users can also pinpoint the location of their lost wristbands. Along with its modern design, bright LED flashlight, activity tracking and goal setting system, the crutch will make walking easier for many for safety and well-being.

Falls in the elderly cost nearly $50 billion each year in medical care in the United States alone. Artificial intelligence powered smart handrail ‘Can Go’ can contribute to reduce the number of such accidents around the world.

According to Ahmad Alghazi, many seniors are generally not interested in adopting brand new technology. So they have developed a device that is already used by elders.

Ahmad Alghazi thought of making this smart wand while he was serving his grandmother. He sees how much his grandmother has to suffer to get around, how she always has to rely on others.

As an engineer, Alghazi wondered how to add technology to the crutches his grandmother used, which would ensure her safety. From this thought, in 2014, ‘Can Mobilities’ was born. The aim of the organization was to find a solution to one of the biggest problems of elderly people living on their own.

If someone has trouble balancing the body, has weakness in the legs or thighs, or has an injury or pain, this crutch will help a lot.

If you have an ankle, leg or waist injury or if you have problems walking for some reason, this crutch will help the user to walk more comfortably and safely.

Elderly people will not only be able to move better with these crutches, but it will also give them the freedom to move without the help of others.

Up to 25% less stress is placed on the body on the leg opposite to the hand that is holding the wand.

This smart cane will help not only the elderly, but also those who have undergone waist, back or lower body surgery, leg injuries, arthritis or back pain.

Can Mobilities began its journey with the mission of bringing cutting-edge technology to assist in mobility. Their aim is to bring more efficiency to the work of service providers, while helping people to move more dynamically, safely and independently.

Alghazi said their aim is to solve the problems of movement and give people the opportunity to move freely, safely and freely. and making the work of users and service providers easier.

Can Mobilities wanted to create a product combining hardware, software and artificial intelligence that would restore freedom of movement to seniors.

Product details

The Can Go Smart Wristband has many features at the user’s fingertips like phone, GPS locator, bright LED flashlight, activity tracker and health reports.

Due to the modern design of this handrail, it can be easily carried anywhere. Whether you are out exploring a new city or taking a walk in your neighborhood, this handrail will ensure your health and safety at all times.

  • Product Name: CAN Go Smart Can (CAN Go)
  • Brand: Can (Can Mobilities)
  • Materials: Metal, Rubber, Plastic and others
  • Minimum Height: 29.5 inches
  • Maximum height: 39.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs


  • Rubberized hand grips and feet
  • Handles made of advanced polymer
  • Shaft made of aluminum
  • Structure made of aircraft grade aluminum

Grip: Soft touch, non-stick, non-slip grip. That is, easily gripped and non-slip.

Battery Life: Up to 48 hours

Maximum weight capacity: 250 lbs

Product Features

• Sending urgent messages

The handset has a built-in phone, through which calls can be made in case of emergency. There are also advanced speakers, an integrated microphone and reliable LTE technology. Whether you are at home or out, you can call for help with just a push of a button with this wand.

• GPS positioning

With the help of handheld GPS location, nearby people can find out your exact location. This will especially help in finding the user quickly in case of emergency. You can call people for help with just the flick of a switch. Another bonus is that if you lose your wand, you can easily locate it with GPS.

• Built in LED flashlight

A bright flashlight is in hand. This forward-facing light will help light the way. So there will be no chance of stumbling in the dark. This smart bracelet keeps the user safe at all times whether you are out walking your pet, going somewhere nearby or going to sleep at night.

• Activity tracker and exercise

You can manually determine the amount of walking you want to do throughout the day. How many steps you walk or how many minutes you walk, the wristband will keep track of all these. And you can also see whether you have been able to meet the goal throughout the day.

• Reporting family members

Smart wristbands will generate daily, weekly or monthly reports of your activity, i.e. movement. That report can be easily shared with family members, providers or doctors.

• Modern design

The design of this handrail is modern and comfortable. It has a smart hand grip, so that there is no problem in holding the stick. The height of the stick can also be adjusted more or less. And you will be able to use this strong handle safely for a long time.

• Easy charging mechanism

Its magnetic charger can be easily mounted on the wall. So you can keep it charged next to the bed in your bedroom. Or if you want, you can charge in the living room or behind the door. And there is a simple charging system called ‘on-the-go’ while travelling.

For more details or to purchase the wand, visit https://can.co/.

Product, Review, Hatchhari

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