In Which Fields Is The Use Of Data Warehouse More Important?

By data warehouse we generally mean a method of managing data. Generally, data warehouses store large amounts of data. Information from various sources of an organization is aggregated into this database for the purpose of generating reports and analyzing data. This information is useful for the preparation of reports by the managers of various business organizations. 

Managers use this information to make business decisions when faced with a critical situation. A rich data warehouse built with advanced technology ensures the growth and success of an organization.

The concept of data warehousing is not new in the business world. Every business organization takes decisions based on information. New ways are emerging to properly utilize the data warehouse. New methods are being developed to make better use of it. This change in information storage is helping the managers of the organization to make smarter decisions. Managers are able to adopt more strategic plans to outperform their competitors. 

Business Data Warehouse was created in 1940 by two IBM employees named Paul Murphy and Barry Devlin. It was the world’s first data warehouse.

Best Use Of Data Warehouse

Any organization, big or small, needs a data warehouse.  Databases help every business organization in various ways in reporting, analysis and decision making.  Here are some examples of how data warehouses work in different organizations.

1.  Banking

With data warehouses, bankers can use existing information more efficiently. Bankers need to have a good understanding of customer information, government requirements and market needs to make the right decision. They can easily get this information with the help of data warehouse. Most banks can successfully use the research resources they have with the help of data warehouses.

Data warehouses have many uses in banking. It is useful in market research, evaluating a product, researching exchange rate fluctuations, and creating product markets. 

Analysis of transactions related to bank cardholders, spending habits and business class analysis is very useful in banking operations. By analyzing such information, banks suggest profitable schemes for their customers. These complex analyzes are done using data warehouses.

2.  Govt

Data warehouses are also used in government departments. It is used mainly in human resources departments, in administrations that deal with payroll, and during recruitment. It is used by the United States federal government in compliance research.

Governments analyze tax and health data using data warehouses. With its help, crime can be predicted. Moreover, data warehouses are very useful in identifying terrorists, verifying threats and detecting fraudsters. 

Crime historical data can be extracted by analyzing the types of crimes that have occurred in the past. And on the basis of these information, criminal activities can be known in advance.

3.  Production And Distribution Of Products

With the help of a data warehouse, people engaged in production and distribution can consolidate all their information. And in this they can know in advance about market rate fluctuations, current market patterns and profitable areas. Based on these things they reach the right decision. 

A manufacturing organization has to make many decisions, which can have a positive impact on the development of their organization. For this reason they use advanced technology OLAP tools. These OLP tools basically work as a part of data warehouse. OLAP tools are used to get an idea of ​​the current market, to find out the unprofitable things and to choose the right one. And database is used to know about shipment. Moreover, a data warehouse can be compared to a portfolio. It collects information about profitable and unprofitable products based on customer feedback and historical data.

4.  Information Management In Retailing

Retailers collect a variety of customer data.  They act as intermediaries between wholesalers and product suppliers.  First they organize the information available to customers with the help of data warehouse. 

They then use this database to create product listings, run advertising campaigns and learn about customer shopping patterns.  Moreover, retailers narrow down the product inventory by checking the possibilities. 

This is done by calculating the allocated space for each product.  This calculation is based on which product sells more and which one sells less.

5.  Storage Of Health Information

Data warehousing is also very important in the healthcare sector. People in this sector can organize their data warehouse with financial accounts, medical and personnel information. Working this way makes it easier to plan with patients. 

By analyzing data warehouses, healthcare institutions can monitor their patients and learn about their opinions. It also helps to exchange information with insurance providers, healthcare providers and patients. 

Hospitals can also take help of data warehouse. It can also be used to know the wishes and dislikes of patients and inform doctors about their tests and operations accordingly.

6.  To analyze Educational Issues

Data warehouses are equally essential for educational institutions. It is important for teachers and students to know about complaints. Educational institutions can use data warehouses to make useful decisions based on factual information. 

Universities take the help of data warehouses for managing their staff, conducting research and fundraising purposes. It is even important for generating accurate statistics about students.

Most colleges rely on this technology to manage their financial operations. Data warehouse is very helpful in making any educational decision.

7.  Liability Of Insurance Companies

Data warehousing is an essential technology for insurance companies. Data warehouses are quite helpful in collecting information about customers and analyzing their behavior. 

Apart from collecting information, data warehouses are used to analyze the needs of future customers. With the help of data warehouse the work of insurance promotion is done and every customer is benefited from it. But it also has the job of verifying customer risk. Databases are very useful in terms of timing claims and providing the best insurance premiums.


Having a data warehouse is a major concern for large business enterprises. It is very useful for getting information on different topics from the same place. Used in conjunction with business intelligence software, data warehouses help entrepreneurs with analytics. 

According to a 2021 study by ‘Elid Market Research’, the global data warehouse will create a market of 21.18 billion by 2028. From this it can be estimated the importance and necessity of data warehouse. So it is important to have a big budget to build a good data warehouse system.

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