What Is A Chatgpt Prompt, How To Write A Better Chatgpt Prompt (Tips)

Without a doubt, ChatGPT (chat.openai.com) is the most used AI tool today. ChatGPT has taken the place of many popular software and applications. 

ChatGPT has also changed the way people used AI tools for work and entertainment.

ChatGPT is the second most popular software from OpenAI company. The company’s first software was ‘Dal-e’. Dal-e is an AI powered image generator. 

However, earlier this year (2023) OpenAI released a premium version of ChatGPT called ‘ChatGPT Plus’. This version uses the powerful large language model named ‘GPT Four’. On the other hand, ‘GPT Three Point Five’ is used in the free version.

But if you want, you can do many types of work with the free version of chatgpt. And there are some great tips and tricks to follow to get the most out of the free version.

1.  Use Simple And Short Prompts

As smart as we think chatgpt is, chatgpt is actually not that smart. It requires guidance or prompting. 

In the case of AI chatbots, the word ‘prompt’ means instructions. That is, the prompt is the instruction given by the user to a chatbot.

Simply put, prompts are what you tell GPT to do.

Basically, if you want a customized answer from ChatGPT, you need to be very clear about what you want. If your prompt is ambiguous or asks for complex information, ChatGPTO will give you ambiguous information. 

So it is better if you can explain your question in small sentences. This will allow the AI ​​chatbot to fully understand what you want from it.

2.  Specify Your Preferred Format And Style

Remember you are working with a machine. Therefore, it is better to tell in advance how you want to draft your writing, through instructions. 

If you want an essay written in American English, you must specify that. Again if you want to search for a specific language song in order, you have to explain that in the prompt. In this way, you don’t have to explain again and again what kind of composition you want from ChatGPT. As a result, your precious time will be saved.

Similarly, if you want the answer to your question in a specific format, that should also be clearly stated in the prompt. For example, you may want a bullet point list of information. Or want any information in paragraph or paragraph form.?

Again you can tell chatgpt to create something that mimics the writing style of a particular author. See this guide. You will be surprised by the results.

3.  Try Chatting With Chatgpt To Improve Your Writing

ChatGPT is basically a conversational AI tool. It is designed to communicate with you. So if you are unhappy with any of ChatGPT’s responses and want to make any changes, you can tell the chatbot about it. Say it as if you are talking to a person.

ChatGPT is smart enough to understand your instructions. So if you are not satisfied with the answer to a question, there is no need to rewrite the question. Rather, if there is a problem somewhere in the answer, the chatbot will understand what you want to change. It will save you time. 

As you continue to chat with ChatGPT you will eventually understand why you are getting wrong or incomplete answers. Over time, if you instruct the AI ​​more clearly and with explanations, you will eventually understand where you were going wrong by looking at its answers.

4.  Use As A Translator

ChatGPT is a great translator. It is designed to provide relevant answers. So this tool can translate much better than google translator. 

If you are not completely sure about the exact meaning of a sentence or phrase in an e-mail from your colleague or business partner, you can use ChatGPT to translate it. At this time, you just need to tell chatgpt to translate to your preferred language. You will surely be amazed by its translation skills.

ChatGPT’s translation will also help you understand poems, books, essays or any literary work. What Google’s literal translation often doesn’t make clear, ChatGPT can make it clear.

5.  Experiment With Different Types Of Prompts

Many times we fail to express ourselves properly. We may want to mean something correctly, but when we say it, we mean something completely different. This may also be the case for instructing chatgpt. 

So if you are not completely sure about the answer received, you can ask chatgpt to generate the answer again with a different prompt.

As long as ChatGPT doesn’t answer to your liking, you can experiment with different prompts.

6. Break A Complex Problem Into Multiple Parts

If your question is complicated, you can break the question into smaller parts. You can also prompt chatgpt repeatedly to get your preferred solution.

This will make the chatbot respond correctly in the way you show it. This method works well in various cases. For example, GPT allows you to plan calendars, complete projects, or code with AI. 

7.  ‘Go On’ Prompt To Avoid Word Limit

If you ask ChatGPT to generate a text of 1,200 words, ChatGPT may not be able to generate such a text for you due to free account limitations. Instead, you will be able to create a text with fewer words within the word limit. 

But you can bypass this limitation if you want. If you instruct ChatGPT to ‘Go on’ or continue, the chatbot will pick up where it left off and give you a more detailed answer.

8.  Use Chatgpt For Editing 

Let’s say you are writing an essay or paragraph as part of an assignment.  Or you want to send a very important e-mail.  At this point you can ask ChatGP to correct grammatical errors or correct writing style, or even improve the entire writing structure.

9.  Verify The Authenticity Of The Information

ChatGPT is trained to collect information from the Internet. Since most data online is added by humans, it can often contain informational errors. Whether or not you receive an answer to your request depends on how you requested information from ChatGPT.

So always check or check the reply from chatgpt for correct information. After receiving any number or common sense information from ChatGPT as numerology solution, its authenticity needs to be verified by yourself.

10.  Dangers If Copy-Pasting Chatgpty Answers At Work Or In Educational Institutions

ChatGPT can generate various articles, essays, e-mails, CVs or cover letter structures. You can ask ChatGP to generate text for you. But it is better to take the answer from chatgpt as a guideline or sample. That is, you should create new content yourself based on ChatGPT’s answers.

It may be that the response ChatGPT is showing you is from some other source on the internet like a website or portal. So don’t directly copy-paste any text from chatgpt. Because content copied directly from other places can be considered as plagiarism, which can create quite a problem at your workplace or educational institution.

There is also a need to check the grammar and spelling aspects of the responses received from ChatGPT. Don’t hesitate to use AI powered tools like Grammarly or Google Docs to detect such mistakes. 

Remember, ChatGPT isn’t the only AI tool in use today. Apart from this there are many other tools like ‘Midjourney’ or OpenAI’s ‘Dal-e Image Generator’. 

You can generate prompts for these AI image generators from ChatGPT. This way you might even find a way to create something new and great.   

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