What Is A Press Release And How To Create A Press Release To Promote Your Business (Indepth)

We often hear the term press release.  Especially from TV or magazines.  What is the matter?

A press release is a short but informative written statement that announces a newsworthy message involving your company

It is sent to media organizations and if they deem it reportable, they get all the relevant details from the document you sent. Press releases should be written in such a way that editors are interested in publishing them.

Press releases are sent to the media to convey information about a company’s important news, announcements, events, product launches, economic developments, etc. That is, the press release is an effective means of conveying information to journalists, media and citizens.

The concept of ‘press release’ is not a new concept but it has been around since ancient times. When kings and rulers sent messengers to convey their proclamations and orders to the people. His appearance has changed a little over time. However, the modern press release originated in the mid-nineteenth century, in the United States.

In the 1830s, American newspaper companies began hiring ‘reporters’ to gather news. Reporters then went to government offices and business establishments to gather information. Later in the 1840s, some companies began sending their announcements and information to reporters for publication in newspapers. These announcements then became known as ‘press releases’.

However, the beginning of press release by using public relations dates back to 1906.

Modern Public Relations And Press Releases

Ivy Ledbetter Lee (1877-1934) was the father of modern public relations. 

In 1905, George F. Together with Parker, he established the third American public relations company “Parker & Lee”. The slogan of the company was “Accuracy, Authenticity, and Interest”. 

At that time, Ivy Lee’s major client was the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. In October 1906, the Pennsylvania Railroad suffered a major accident. The crash occurred in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and killed 50 passengers.

Ivy Lee, as was her practice, submitted detailed reports of Pennsylvania Railroad train accidents to reporters without withholding any information. Lee wrote about the accident with such honesty and accuracy that The New York Times published his entire statement and observations. This report sent by him gets the status of the first press release in history.

Because of Lee’s public relations approach and influence, press releases have since been used as an essential means of communicating company product news as well as other important information to consumers and citizens. 

Press releases have become an essential means of communicating important and urgent events, statistics and announcements to journalists, public relations professionals and the media.

What Is A Press Release?

Press release in simple language is a short letter through which you can present the news of your company’s activities to the country and the world.

Press releases are a great way to communicate company information to others. A well-organized press release makes it easier for journalists to create news. Popular news websites, magazines and TV channels can easily publish information about your company’s products or services by using press releases.

By doing this, your company and product or service information reaches more visitors and potential buyers. The more press releases are published, the more the company is known in the media industry.

Press releases are usually handled by a company’s public relations officer or marketing team.

At The Beginning Of The 20th Century

The use of press releases increased rapidly in the early 20th century. The invention of the telephone and typewriter made the distribution of press releases easier. During the First World War, the use of press releases was greatly increased by various government campaigns and the dissemination of information about the war. The development of the public relations (PR) industry after World War II further increased the use of press releases.

In the 1980s, fax machines became a popular means of distributing press releases. The rise of the Internet in the 1990s revolutionized press release distribution. In the 2000s, the popularity of social media created another new genre of press release distribution. 

PR professionals can now also share their press releases on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks to the latest AI and online translator facilities, press releases can now be sent globally in multiple languages.

Some Examples Of Press Releases:

You can create a press release about anything that is important to tell others.  Below are 10 of the most popular press release ideas.

  1. New Recruitment News When a company hires new employees, the first task may be to formally welcome them to the company. One method of this is to publish press releases of new hires to mark their joining. This will not only increase your company’s profile, but will also act as a means of self-promotion to new employees. .
  2. New product news  Competitive businesses conduct market analysis to learn information about the market. In this they understand when to release which product in the market. After making a decision, the best way to let everyone know about a new product is without a press release. That will get you a few things done. First of all, your customer or customers will learn about the new product by reading this press release or article and will be motivated to buy. Second, if the news is important, journalists will write about it. In this way, press releases can be used in marketing strategies for new products.
  3. Event news Similarly, any business event or event can also be reported in the media. This type of press release highlights your company’s expertise. When customers see your company organizing events, they will have more confidence in the company. News of events, customers can also get from company website or any other source. .
  4. To report research results There are some institutions which project their image to the public through education and research work. In fact, only successful companies can outdo everyone with market research results. The purpose of such press releases is to generate excitement among people about important research results. This is when companies add calls to action to campaigns in media outlets and personal bloggers. If the newspaper website promotes your domain link like this, it will definitely increase your website’s SEO score and generate more internet traffic. .
  5. new initiative The market is constantly changing. So taking new initiatives is essential for established businesses. One may start a business that has never existed before, or embark on an entrepreneurial journey. The main purpose of such press release is to get the opinion of the customers and create curiosity among the people about the new initiative of the company.
  1. Joint venture press release A joint venture press release increases awareness of the venture among the media and the public. It conveys information about the initiative to important stakeholders, such as potential investors, partners, and customers. .
  2. Award distribution news Winning an award for business is certainly a great achievement for a company. Just as restaurants hang their awards and certificates on the wall for customers to see, you can also let everyone know about your company’s accomplishments with a press release.  After receiving the award, as the interest in your company in the media will increase, so will the number of articles written about the company. .
  3. Book release news You may have seen the occasional book publishing press release. There are mainly two types of book publishing press releases. First, when someone working in a company writes a book about his working days. Second, when a friendly person outside the company writes a book in praise. Either way, book promotion definitely works well as a marketing strategy. .
  4. Time for rebranding Rebranding or rebranding is a big step for a business. If you rush a business rebranding, your customers may get confused. You can even lose a lot of business. So it is important to inform media outlets about rebranding.  To promote the rebranding, you can place a banner of articles on the topic on your business website homepage.
  5. Press release to deal with the crisis Sometimes companies make big mistakes. May face questions from the media and consumers for making unpopular business decisions. Press releases play a major role in calming such situations. By doing this, companies get an opportunity to present their position to everyone through formal statements. One of the purposes of this press release is to get people to forget about it quickly.

Press Releases And Social Media

The popularity of social media is now so high that you can now utilize social media as well as mass media. 

Press release topics can be published as social media posts. These social media posts act as influencers in attracting the attention of paper magazines, TV channels and online magazines.

Companies can increase brand awareness by publishing press releases on social media. In this case, using relevant hashtags will bring quick success.

Things That Small Entrepreneurs Should Take Care Of

In established businesses, public relations officers generally have the professional responsibility of overseeing matters such as press releases.  They are experienced in these matters.

But those who are small entrepreneurs, many of them have to do their own work.  Like many other things, entrepreneurs can create press releases themselves and send them to various media outlets.  Things to consider in this regard:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What kind of media do you want to reach?
  • What do you want to achieve by sending the press release?
  • What could be a catchy title for the press release?
  • Did you include a picture or video link with the press release?
  • Are you following up on press releases after sending them?

Press Release Language Etc

Be aware of what the language or address of the press release will be, what topics may be covered in the letter.  Being aware of the following points will reduce your risk of mistakes.

  1. Clarity • Press release content should be clear, concise and easy to understand • Avoid complex words, technical language and terms • Use language that everyone can understand and understand
  2. Accuracy of information • Providing accurate and verified information in press releases is very important • The image of the organization may be tarnished due to dissemination of wrong information • Cite sources of information
  3. Interesting title • Catchy and informative headlines attract readers’ attention • Clearly state the main content in the title • Use short and simple titles
  4. Put important information first • State the most important information clearly in the first paragraph of the press release • Who, what, where, when, why and how—these are the questions readers need to know first
  5. quote • Use quotes from relevant people (eg, heads of organizations, experts) in press releases • Citations make content more interesting and increase credibility
  1. Contact information • Clearly state the organization’s contact information in press releases • Include phone number, email, website address, etc. so that readers can easily contact the organization
  2. Visual elements • Visual elements like pictures, graphs, videos etc. make press releases attractive However, visual elements must be related to the content
  3. Spelling and grammar • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in press releases • Misspellings and incorrect grammar can tarnish the image of the organization
  4. setting goals • It is important to set goals before publishing the press release • Evaluating the effectiveness of press releases is easier by setting goals
  5. Targeted Readership • Think clearly about the target audience the press release is being written for • Research about their age, profession, interest, language type should be done  • Select language and content in accordance with the needs and interests of the target audience • If your readers are the younger generation, use language and content that appeals to them • If they don’t know much about technology, avoid complicated words and technical language • Use quotes from people who are important to the target audience

The more people know about the company, the better your company’s image will be.  So whenever necessary, take measures to issue press releases.  Press releases increase the company’s credibility by providing regular and accurate information.  Helps a company build a strong position in the market.

Sample Of A Press Release

You can write a press release in different ways. A simple example is given below. Note that this is a fictitious press release. Any resemblance to an actual person or company is unintentional.


Bangla Tech and Trans

Address: [address to be filled]

Phone: [phone number to be filled]

Email: [email address]



Dainik Prothom Alo

19, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh

Topic: Bangla Tech & Trans unveils new AI-powered translation tool, Bangla Translator 24

Dhaka, Bangladesh – 14 February 2024: Setting a new milestone in the advancement of Bengali language and technology, Bangla Tech & Trans today unveiled their innovative AI-powered translation tool, “Bangla Translator 24”. This breakthrough tool will provide users with fast, accurate and natural-language translation between Bengali and English. Which will make it easier to connect with the world and share knowledge.

“Bangla Translator 24 is an essential tool for Bengali speakers,” commented Mr. SM Hasan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bangla Tech & Trans. “It will open up new horizons for Bengali speakers to exchange knowledge, culture and ideas, not only through translation, but also through connecting the world.”

Bengali Translator 24 uses advanced AI technology, which is capable of providing accurate and natural-language translations. It is equipped with user-friendly interface, which is extremely easy to use.

Bangla Translator 24 is currently available as a web and mobile application.

Link: [Link to Product]

We hope you find this press release interesting and informative.


Bangla Tech and Trans Team

The press release above is just a sample. When writing the actual press release, be sure to include specific information about your company and product/service.

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