Achieving 2023: Applications, Websites and Apps

AI was an important technology in app development this year. Thanks to AI, many amazing apps for running on mobiles and computers have come into the market this year.

But AI-powered apps aren’t just about creating new text or images. Some of the notable apps of 2023 range from productivity tools to creativity-enhancing software.

Today’s writing is arranged with these popular apps. Some of the apps, websites, and browser extensions covered in this article hit the market as early as 2023. And some have received significant updates this year.

1.  Search Engine ‘Perplexity’

Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly adding new AI-powered features for users. However, ‘Preplexity’ has chosen a new way of using AI in search engines.

Searching for something in Preplexity brings up a short summary of what the user wants to know about. Sources from where the information in this AI-written summary was taken are also added.

Basically, Preplexity makes it easy to find information after searching for any topic.

Preplexity is available on web, Chrome, iOS and Android.


2.  MacWhisper to make dictation easy

A tool developed by OpenAI is called ‘Whisper Speech Recognition System’ to convert any type of audio file into text. Basically using this system, a great app created for iOS users has come into the market this year.

With this app called ‘Mac Whisper’, the voice from the microphone or audio file can be easily converted into text. But the most amazing feature of this app is that it does not require internet connection.

Text generated from the app can be easily edited, searched or copied.

An alternative app to Mac Whisper for Windows users is Buzz.


3.  AudioPen to organize thoughts

What if you just verbally recorded all the random thoughts in your head. And then the AI ​​will write them down in paragraph or point form?

This is exactly what can be done with the help of Audiopen. This web-app lets you record up to 3 minutes of audio for free. If you want to record more or get the benefits of other features, you have to take a subscription for 75 dollars for one year.


4.  ‘Runway ML’ for creating videos from images

With the help of ‘Runway ML’ one or more images can be joined together to turn it into a video. And animated visual effects can be added to it.

Again, all the wonderful effects can be added to any existing video file with this app made for iOS operating system.

Users of operating systems other than iOS can visit Runway ML’s website to see how the app works.

A limited number of videos can be made with this app for free. Beyond that, a $15 per month subscription is required for optional use.


5.  ‘Merry Sky’ for weather news

A great alternative web-app has hit the market this year to check your area’s temperature, wind, or precipitation forecast. The web-app called ‘Mary Sky’ is free to use and updates information every hour.

Another advantage of using Merry Sky over other weather apps is that it doesn’t show any kind of ads. And it can easily be placed on the home-screen of any device.


6.  ‘Artifact’ to get news by choice

‘Artifact’ has come into the market this year to get news according to your interests and preferences. Created by the two founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app was released to the public in January 2023.

Users will get any news summary from this app. And if a news headline is misleading or exaggerated, users can spot it. And AI rewrites those news headlines based on user suggestions.


7.  Freegal to listen to free music legally

Freegal is an app to listen to millions of songs for free. You don’t even have to watch ads to listen to music in this app.

Although it was first released in the market in 2010, this year all the significant features have been added to the app. With the help of these features, ‘Freegal’ has made its place in the market as an app that can compete with all existing music streaming services.


8.  iOS device camera control app ‘Blackmagic Camera’ (Blackmagic Camera)

The ‘Blackmagic Camera’ has been opened this year with the facility of controlling many other things including white balance, ISO or shutter speed with the iPhone camera. With the help of this app, even someone who is not skilled in taking pictures can easily control the camera and take amazing pictures.

The app is free to use, and therefore does not display ads.


9.  Privacy Party to manage privacy settings on social media

‘Privacy Party’ is basically a browser extension. There is a ‘Privacy Party’ extension for use in Chrome and Firefox. With its help, privacy settings of various social media sites like Facebook, X and LinkedIn can be fixed with one click.

The extension can also make suggestions after checking the user’s existing privacy settings on different sites.


10.  ‘Permission Slip’ to control user’s personal data spread over the Internet

Various information such as our location, preferences or clicks are collected while using the Internet. Basically these data are later used for advertising purposes.

However, if someone wants to delete these data collected for advertising purposes, they can use the ‘permission slip’.

With the help of this app, you can know which organization is collecting your data. You can delete the data they have about you. And you can choose which organizations can collect your data in the future.


Applications, Websites, Apps

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