What is Google Gemini and how to use its benefits

Google’s parent company Alphabet and Google jointly developed Google Gemini. It is the most advanced AI model Alphabet has ever created. Besides, Google DeepMind also has an important contribution behind Gemini.

Gemini is currently available in Google products in Nano and Pro form. Nano Gemini is used in the ‘Pixel 8’ phone and Pro Gemini is used in the ‘Bard’ (Bard) chatbot. Google plans to integrate Gemini into its search, advertising, Chrome, and other services.

Starting December 13, developers and enterprise customers can use Gemini Pro through the Gemini API within Google AI Studio and Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Apart from this, Android developers can also use Gemini Nano through AiCore. This facility will be open for developers on preview basis.

What is Google Gemini?

Gemini AI is Google’s latest LLM (Large language models) that is built to be more powerful and efficient than its predecessors.

Gemini is designed to be versatile. So that it can work in all mediums like text, image, video, audio and coding.

Gemini is the first model to outperform human experts in MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding). MMLU is the most common way to test the knowledge and problem solving ability of AI models.

Such excellent results in the MMLU exam surely gives an idea of Gemini’s capabilities. Gemini AI’s special skills include:

  • Computer vision (object recognition, scene understanding and anomaly detection)
  • Geospatial science (combination of data from various sources, planning and application of intelligence and continuous monitoring)
  • Human health (personalized healthcare, integration with biosensors and preventive medicine)
  • Integrated Technology (Domain Knowledge Transfer, Data Fusion, Advanced Decision Making and LL.M.)

Google is now focusing on developing a separate coding app for Gemini in association with AlphaCode Two. This new coding application outperformed 85 percent of competitors in a competition.

This performance is 50% better than the previous version of Alphacode. Not only that, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, users will experience improved results in all aspects while working with Gemini.

Are there different versions of Gemini?

Google says Gemini is a model that can be used in everything from Google data centers to mobile devices. Three types of Gemini have been released in the market to fulfill this purpose: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra.

  1. Gemini Nano: Gemini Nano is designed to run on smartphones. Especially for Google Pixel 8. Gemini Nano is built to work with state-of-the-art AI on the device itself, without connecting to external servers. Its services include automatically suggesting replies or summarizing a text while chatting. It has added some advanced features. Such as the facility of summarizing through the Recorder app and the provision of smart replies in Gboard, which can also be used in WhatsApp.
  2. Gemini Pro: Powered by Google data centers, Gemini Pro is designed to work in sync with the latest AI chatbot Bird. So Gemini Pro can respond quickly and understand complex questions.
  3. Gemini Ultra: Although not yet widely used, the Gemini Ultra is the most powerful model according to Google. Gemini Ultra outperformed expectations on 30 out of 32 academic benchmarks used in the Research and Development of Large Language Model (LLM).

Gemini Ultra is built for complex tasks. Now some experiments are going on. It will be released in the market next year after safety tests.

Using Google Gemini on Bird

The combination of Gemini and Bard makes it possible to achieve special progress. By doing this, Bird is able to understand the user’s questions and provide more accurate and better quality answers.

Besides, Gemini is able to work in multiple mediums, so Bard is now able to work equally in all mediums. For example, users are getting better experience through all media including images, audio, video.

Bird’s association with Gemini can be said to lay the groundwork for AI’s more advanced and intelligent interactions with humans.

How to use Google Gemini on Bird

To use Gemini Pro connected Bird:

• Visit Bard’s website (https://bard.google.com/)

• Log in with your personal Google account

• After logging in, you can use advanced features of Gemini Pro connected to Bird’s chatbot by asking a question.

Bird was far behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But that will change a lot after Gemini arrives. Especially because of Gemini’s greater logical ability and understanding.

More recently, the most powerful version of Gemini has outperformed the GPT-4 on multiple-choice exams, grade school math, and other tests. But it is also acknowledged that AI models have not yet fully succeeded in achieving greater logical capabilities.

Currently the chatbot uses a tiny fraction of Bird Gemini’s capabilities. Bird will be coming this year (2024) with a service that can use image, audio and video input and output, called “Bird Advanced”. It will use Gemini Ultra, which is the most powerful version of Gemini.

Apart from the multimedia chatbot, Gemini Ultra will offer services in languages other than English. However, only English language is used in Gemini Pro now.

Restrictions on the use of Gemini in Bard

There are some limitations to using the Gemini Pro with Bird, however.

First, the use of Gemini by other speakers of the world is limited due to English-only communication.

The combination of Bird and Gemini Pro is therefore limited to English only.

There are also geographical barriers. Because the European Union has not yet introduced the benefits of Bird and Gemini coordination. So Bird can now use the text-only version of Gemini Pro.

Gemini is in the early stages. So those who want to use Gemini in various mediums, still have to wait for its various benefits. Google is currently working on improving Gemini’s capabilities.

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