Innovative Technology ‘Exodigo’ To Increase Safety And Reduce Costs In The Construction Industry

Every city in the world has various types of underground infrastructure such as gas, water, electricity, sewerage or internet connection. 

These infrastructures are at risk when excavation is required to construct a new structure. In the United States alone, such infrastructure is damaged approximately 400,000 times each year during construction or repair work. And the loss is more than 30 billion dollars. 

Besides, one has to be careful while digging to keep all kinds of important infrastructure intact. Being cautious means digging more than necessary. During the excavation of various projects, additional excavations are required to avoid damage to various pipelines such as gas, water or oil under the surface. According to one estimate, such unnecessary mining costs the United States $100 billion each year.

However, if it is not known what is underground or underground, then it is possible to keep the infrastructure like gas, water or internet lines safe. Keeping this demand in mind, a platform called ‘Exodigo’ has been built. It helps to get a clear idea of ​​what is under the ground or road without digging, and can create detailed maps of underground pipelines. 

The Exodigo platform works by collecting data with simple carts or drones attached to various sensors. Later, three-dimensional or 3D maps are made using these data. These maps are automatically generated with the help of modern technologies like machine learning and AI. Again, the map created through ‘Exodigo’ can be used in any software like AutoCAD or BIM. 

Not even 1 year has passed since the official launch of ‘Exodigo’. Meanwhile, this technology has been used in more than 20 projects in Europe, America and Asia. Recently, ‘Exodigo’ has been used in the construction of a highway in California, USA. 

Benefits Of Using Exodigo

Currently in developed countries underground mapping is done before excavation. However, only two major types of technology or sensors are used in those countries for mapping. It does not give a very clear idea about what is under the ground. 

Exodigo is 20 to 50 percent more effective than conventional methods. About 7 types of sensors, radars and devices are used in this platform. 

With the help of these instruments, many things can be measured, including the magnetism of a part of the earth or the level of earthquakes. All the data from these sensors are analyzed by combining them. Finally, a three-dimensional map of the specific area is created. All pipelines, manholes and other infrastructure are marked with different colors on that map. As a result, the cost is also saved as the trouble of extra digging is saved for taking precautions.

Also it saves a lot of fuel and electricity. Digging also reduces air pollution. All in all, the founders hope that this platform can bring positive results for the environment.

Exodigo was recently recognized by Time magazine. This technology of underground mapping was ranked among the top 200 inventions of 2022 published by this magazine. 

How Exodigo Started Its Journey

Exodigo was founded in 2021. The platform was founded by 3 ex-army officers, Jeremy Seward, Ido Gonen and Yogev Shifman. However, “Exodigo” officially started working in June last year.

Jeremy Seward is a researcher. He studied physics. After retiring from the army, Jeremy, along with two other co-founders, thought of creating a special software. Their aim was to create a software that would combine images obtained through MRI, CT scan and ultrasound. That is, they were trying to create a complete picture of something inside by using different technologies. 

Since they used medical technology while developing the software, they hoped that the invention would be useful in medical science. But after considering everything, they decided to use their invention in other fields. Because currently there is very little demand or need for such technology in the medical field. 

It was then that they turned their attention to the construction industry. Excavation is the primary and necessary step in construction work. 

Engineers do not have a clear idea of ​​what is underground or underground during excavation. As a result, many problems are encountered during digging. So they decided to use their innovation in the construction industry.

Other Areas Are Likely

Apart from the construction industry, this platform can be used to find underground mineral resources. That’s why Exodigo is planning to improve their technology. In the future, with this help, the different layers under the ground can be identified separately. Then it will be possible to identify many things like sand, clay, rock, soil structure or water level in the underground. 

In addition, the remains of various civilizations in history can be found, starting from the fossils of extinct animals or plants under the ground. 

Even according to the platform builders, this technology can be used to search for minerals under the Martian soil in the future. 

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